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Guest post by : lia's beautyland

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Hi girls!
Today we are going to show you our style and pieces of clothes we wear the most. ;)


Favourite outfit
On this picture above you can see things I love to wear the most (when the weather is warm ofc). I love love love to wear dark skinny jeans with loose tops. If the weather is a little bit chillier I just take my favourite leather jacket. Also, we can't forget balerina flats, jewelery, sunglasses and big bag.
Nightlife outfit
For night out, my favourite thing to wear is a little black dress that, I think, every girl has in her closet. I ussualy pair it wtih some sparkly high heels and accessories (such as clutch and jewelery). 


Day outfit (fall/winter)
So, as this picture shows, I like to wear loose cardigans at fall/winter time. I think they are very comfy and easy to match. I usually match them with some leggings and riding boots which are my favourite. They look great with some biker boots also. I always wear some simple, big bag and sometimes I add some cute scarf.

Day outfit (spring/summer)
 I'm sooo in love with this outfit because it has everything that I adore to wear during hot weather. Here is cute, white dress which is kind of day version to a little black dress. I like to pair it with some scarf and lots of jewelry. Sunglasses are must have, especially for summer! And here we have big bag, of course. ;) For the shoes I reccomand some wedges. They are very cute, but comfy as well.

Night outfit
 And here is the last outfit, something that I like to wear when I'm out at night. :D It's very simple because I don't like to wear too many things. It's usually little black dress paired with some cute heels, sparkly clutch and one piece of jewelry. If it's cold outside I wear some faux fur too.

 That is all from us today. We really hope you liked it. 
Thanks for reading! ;)
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TOP 7 2011 Fashion Trends

Today I'm gonna write about top seven trends that have conquered the world. Lets get started !


The nude color is just a must have. Doesn't matter if you are talking about clothing , shoes , accesories , nails - nude was such a boom and it still is. I personally love it , and I hope it will be eternal :)

It's so classical !
These are absolutely marvelous ! I have similiar pair :D

Even Rihanna herself has nude color nails that everyone gone wild for  :)


They are just ... aah. Look at that , what girl wouldn't want to wear that ? It makes the outfit pop just like that !

 Top 7Shirt with puff sleeves

Blazer with puff sleeves


The clothes inspired with navy blue color , bright red , golden buttons, polka dots , high waist , wedges - it's all screaming - 50's ! As the make up is concerned  - pin up was all over the place ! Bright red lipstick , paled skin , eyeliner wings , big false eyelashes,  bandanas in the hair , these are all some marks wich make 50's look.

All of that with some modern elements created new style wich was total hit in 2011.

50's and modern together
50's outfit

50's outfit

Pin up make up

One beautiful pair of wedges


Tiny flower pattern that we see in old movies on wall coverings and couches , bronze old looking jewlery , flowers in hair , pearls , lace - these are all elements of classical vintage style. It was also a big hit last year and it still is. We all love it , don't we ? :)

Vinatge clothes
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Boots with vintage pattern

Vintage outfit

Vintage outfit


Actually , it's pretty close with vintage but Rihanna made it so big with " We found love " video that it just went crazy ! With all the denim , high waist, curls and red lipstick it bacame one of the trends of 2011.

"We found love" video
"We found love" video

"We found love" video


If you don't have them , you wanted them , admit it ! Everyone were having a pair and that's just the fact. 
The whole geeky thing went totaly viral !
Geek glasses

Geeky glasses with flower print


They are eternal but they had a big part of this years trends. On the jewlery , belts , clothing , shoes - everything ! Who wouldn't love them , when they are so cute ? :)

Dress with big bow

Bow on necklace

Shoes with bow

Bow belt

Dress with a big bow


All in all 2011. was a good fashion year , let's hope 2012. will be even better !

Happy New Year everyone ! <3

Always yours,
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London Street Style

As a tipical fashion lover , looking all over sites about fashion is part of my daily routine. Today I ran into this picture of a young girl, from London I guess, in a non tipical dress or a long shit wich she wears as a dress. I'm just in love with this simple dress/shirt with just a print of red London telephone box , so I decided to dedicade this post to London street fashion.

I always love to see a good outfit on someone. I mean , I can really appriciate it. For me , fashion is not about expencive clothes that you can see on runways. Don't get me wrong but , even though that's really high fashion and they are very appriciated - we all know why , when did you see a normal , everyday girl (there are some exceptions ) wearing Chanel to class on college ? Exactly.
So what I'm trying to say , I love to see a person who can look like a " milion bucks " with just a few of them. That's what's style , at least in my opinion.

On the other hand I have a lot of respect for all the fashion designers who make fashion - fashion. But since I'm in the group of fashion lovers who can't afford their work , at least yet , I have to make the best with the least , and that's exactly what I enjoy about fashion.

So that's why I have so much appreciation thowards street style - everyone can make it their own.

Probably because London is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world , their citisens know good fashion. Looking through pictures I really liked what I saw. These are some examples of trends in London street style in 2012. :

From what I'm seing here there will be a lot of tribal pattern , blue is a must have in all tones with also beige warm tones. The part of vintage style is still present.

Oh , who wouldn't love this ?

Always yours,
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